I Remember Why I Dream In Black And White

Film 7 – Lindisfarne colour

OK obviously I took more than Infrared at Lindisfarne (there is one plain black and white which will have to wait since I’m out of canned air) and also some colour…this is the fading I mentioned earlier in a previous post. Looking at other Kodak 160NC (NC stands for Neutral Colour) photos I’ve taken it probably wasn’t the best choice for landscapes as it does tend to come out looking rather limp, and it was usually used for portraits anyway but it was all I had. Even then there’s something odd going on with the colour in these pictures? Not sure if that’s the film, the odd lighting or more likely the 8 years in my fridge…

CNV00123 Lindisfarne by Tim Baker

 CNV00137 Lindisfarne by Tim Baker

It’s more like these were taken in 1964 not 2004…very strange. It was a rather overcast white sky day, and obviously a lot of the paintwork has faded – but doesn’t explain the blue/green grass? And the odd looking blues…

CNV00133  Lindisfarne by Tim Baker

CNV00124 Lindisfarne by Tim Baker

CNV00126 Lindisfarne by Tim Baker

CNV00130 Lindisfarne by Tim Baker

Maybe a rescan will fix these – obviously unlike the other scans these were done at process time, and rather than tweak the fairly low-res JPGs it’s probably better to rescan the ones I like. Neutral Colour does create pastel shades, but in none of the other that I processed at the time and printed do have greens that faded. Or weird pink gravestones?:

CNV00151 by Tim Baker

CNV00151 by Tim Baker

CNV00152 Park bench by Tim Baker

CNV00143 Lindisfarne by Tim Baker


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