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More lost films: Tynemouth/Newcastle

Tynemouth Priory, 2003

Tynemouth Priory, 2003

I’ve not forgotten the whole lost films project, just that I think we’re pretty much there bar a few C41 films I’ve not posted, and maybe the slide films (I know I posted one of those early on). This one needed complete ID, I had NO idea of where it was – thought it was Warwick for a long time. Enter Google Image Search, which amazingly ID’d the lump of stones as Tynemouth Priory – I wasn’t expecting that. Then I managed to date it exactly because while we were there jousting was happening…a quick Google search brings up the local paper article about the event – which pegs it exactly to July 11th 2004 – because I remember we visited on the Sunday.

Jousting at Tynemouth Priory, July 2004

There’s a disused fort and a gun enplacement right by the Priory, and a graveyard. The weather was as stormy as it looked, a typical English summer’s day!

Tynemouth July 2004

Tynemouth Priory July 2004

I like this shot, seems to have a real Military Complex, Church and State, Army and Death thing going on. But they were that close to each other, with a jousting contest going on around the corner. It was rather odd, actually.

I loved the fact the older gravestones were literally melting cos of the weather erosion:

Gravestone, Tynemouth Priory July 2004

These were a complete pig (or something rather more stronger) to export and edit…somehow, and I think this is a Lightroom 4 bug, they would not export and kept creating an ‘unknown error’, and even when editing them I’d get ‘This photo cannot be edited due to an unknown error’. They are fine in Preview and LR 3.6 (and still fine, I went back to LR 3.6 and re-exported them as DNGs – did not fix it sadly) and I tried taking all metadata out, exporting as other formats, nothing.

So to keep all my settings I had to download Camera RAW 6.7 beta and export them one by one, partly because Photoshop CS5 wouldn’t open more than one PV2012 image without freezing/crashing, so I couldn’t batch them. Again, it’s fine with other RAW images, be they PV 2010 or previous, or TIFFs and NEFs etc. This all points to a serious problem with Process Version 2012 or a nasty metadata compatibility somewhere, but the common feature seems to be PV2012.

So -1 to Lightroom – I think there is a bug in Process Version 2012 that they’re not talking about, because I’ve had this happen to new scanned TIFFs that haven’t been touched by LR 3.6 (previously I thought it was some import failure)…thankfully in that case a removal and re-import seemed to fix it…. and converting back to PV 2010 seemed to fix the issue. Adobe’s forums are full of people having problems like this from the Beta version, as someone who didn’t install the beta but installed the ‘final’ version over a paid-for download I think there’s a more serious issue here.

Lightroom 4 does kick out these strange ‘Image cannot be edited due to an Unknown Error’ sometimes, usually on large TIFF scans, but I’ve not been doing that much photography so I dont know if that will have the same problem (this is now changing because with the light and BST I’m now doing my cliffwalks again). But usually switching to another file and or closing and restarting solves that temporarily, this was the first time it was regularly happening with the same batch of images, and wouldn’t let me export them at all.

I would say: keep your LR 3.6 and 4 catalogues separate for the moment if you can, and don’t uninstall previous versions. And hope Adobe ‘solve’ this in a update. Disappointing since I now prefer PV 2012 for editing, and I can see the quality change side-by-side (and below). It’s far better…IF you files don’t get ‘corrupted’ or an ‘unknown error’. 😦

Back to the photos: we visited Newcastle & Gateshead for a weekend in July 2004 so this all fits…on another film, one of the C41 Kodak C400CN films, we have shots of Newcastle…love the Tyne Bridge shots:

Newcastle July 2004

Newcastle July 2004

Newcastle July 2004

Newcastle July 2004

Newcastle July 2004