I Remember Why I Dream In Black And White

Film 4: Barcelona

CNV00006 Barcelona by Tim Baker

Film 4 is another C41 black and white film, and I’m pretty sure this is Barcelona which we visited Xmas 2004.

CNV00010 Barcelona by Tim Baker

CNV00015 Barcelona by Tim Baker

CNV00014 Barcelona by Tim Baker

I love the selective focus on this shot of a park tree:

CNV00016 Barcelona by Tim Baker

This is the shot that gives it away as Barcelona – my style of shooting can be very abstract and thus difficult to indentify, but I remember taking this shot and where it is, it’s the roof of one of the Gaudi houses in Barcelona, I think Casa Batlló.

CNV00037 Barcelona by Tim Baker

Something very mysterious about this shot. maybe it’s the shadows and the impending motorcycle…this type – ie. speeding motorcycle – is not just a Daniel Johnston track it’s also one of the recurring memes in my photographs, I tend to capture them just so.

CNV00034 Barcelona by Tim Baker

I must say I still LOVE Koday T400 CN tonality, the smooth soft ungrainyness might be an anathema to purists but it just *works* under certain conditions, especially with stonework and very contrasty angular images of a European sort! I’ve noticed my similar shots on Delta 100, FP4 or Neopan tend to have that sharp grain that B&W-philes love, but also tend towards the stark heavy contrast which there is no going back from…at least with Chromogenic films you have room to breathe with some detail remaining in the shadows.

As before, taken with the Nikon F90 and the 3.5-4.5 28-105mm – I still have both.


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