I Remember Why I Dream In Black And White

Film 2 and 3: Madrid again

Had to google it, but this is Libreria Perez Galdos, a very old bookshop in Madrid:

CNV00160 libreria perez galdos in Madrid, Tim Baker

Keeping up the Libreria link, here’s my partner John in his bull tshirt – this didn’t identify totally Film 3, but the bag he’s holding probably full of maps is from Madrid, so can be pretty sure this is also Madrid.

CNV00081 John in Madrid, by Tim Baker

CNV00083 Madrid by Tim Baker

This again is Fuji Superia – 200 this time. Of all the C41 films this has held up the best, only slightly strange green/blue cast sometimes, not sure if that’s the film (Fuji films do have a green/blue bias) or some fading in the reds? Check out this Spanish flag picture…not sure yet if it’s the processor/scanner (again a Fuji process lab so should match well) but the fact the yellows look a little odd probably suggests some magenta fading?

CNV00113 Madrid by Tim Baker

But all in all, a good advert from Fuji, I doubt they’d expect their films to be left in a tupperware box for 8 years after exposure, but the Superia 200 has held up really well, strangely better than the 100, although that could be exposure on my end. Kodak’s Royal Supra 200 film did less well as we shall see, which given it’s bargain-basement cheery nature not that surprising, but the real shock was the professional Kodak 160NC didn’t really survive that well either.

These were all taken with a Nikon F80 with a 28-105mm 3.5-4.5D lens.


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