I Remember Why I Dream In Black And White

Photo archaeology

Like many people I stopped taking film pictures in the 00s – I found my digital compact far more convenient and when I bought my Nikon D70 in 2004 that sounded the death knell for 25 years of chemical photography.

Problem was, I had films with the odd few exposures on them, or finished but waiting to be processed. As it turned out they waited a LONG time – 8 years in fact…waiting in my fridge as relics from a lost time.

So I decided finally to do some photo archaeology and process them – which also meant some detective work as I had no idea of what photos were inside these little cannisters of metal…exciting, and something you miss from the instant digital age.

So what did we have in the little tupperware time capsule?

2 x E6 Slide films, both marked ‘fogged’ – one Ektachrome the other I forget.

8 x C41 (colour) process films, a combination of cheap (Kodak Gold! Woo! I won loads of this in Letter of the Week in Amateur Photographer…I used it for random stuff) to more expensive inc Kodak Portra (remember that?) which might have some portraits on it. Or not. Also a couple of rolls of C41 process chomogenic black and white film – I loved Kodak’s T400CN which survives in a different form.

9 x Black and White films…3 of these are self loading DIY cannisters – I still have the bulk loader (pictured) filled partly with Fuji Neopan, and these are Fuji Neopan 400. Also Ilford Pan-F, FP4 and Delta 100, Kodak Plus-X 125 (again, no more *sniff*)  and most interestingly 2 Infrared films – Konica 750nm and Kodak HIE – both of which aren’t made anymore. Remains to be seen if they’ve gotten fogged in the fridge (and in the case of the Konica at least twice I’ve accidentally opened the stupidly unmarked plastic cannister going ‘ooh what’s this?’ to then suddenly put it back in.

So what shall be done with these? More in a following post…



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