I Remember Why I Dream In Black And White

Like a E6, Like a E6…

Well E6 might not be a fancy bling plane but it’s the process for developing slide film – and in my searching for places to develop film it not only is pricier than C41 colour negative processing, it’s rarer. I looked up a few places – Peak Imaging, Jessops, West End Cameras but as these 2 films might be utter trash I didn’t want to spend 5-10 quid per film (oh hai I’m in London in the UK if you didn’t know). I tend to want stuff now also, I hate waiting for packets to send or arrive from far off places – hence when talking about products and companies I’ll probably mention London-local services. Call it revenge for all those endless articles that seem to deny anywhere but the US exists 😉

The cheapest place I found for processing apart from black and white is Genie Imaging in Wandsworth – at £2.20 a roll for C41 and E6 you can’t really argue. You get those prices using their special online booking system, Photos2You which only seems to work in my Safari browser (probably using something my locked-down secure add-on Firefox is stopping). Obviously you have to send them the films by post (or upload pictures for prints) but you can save time and money by picking up them if you’re local. We’ll see if it’s worth it, but looks to be the cheapest in London and maybe the UK for most things outside colleges or universities (I do wonder as an alumnus whether I could’ve popped in with all my films but it seemed slightly pisstaking!)…but I didn’t go with them for the 8 C41 films.

Why? Well call me old fashioned I have hard enough time working out what’s going on with black & white negatives, let alone colour…I need a preview, at the very least a contact sheet. So I’m using West End Cameras who are having a 3,99 develop and scan offer….cheaper than the Genie prints, but at least gives me a preview of what’s on the bleeding things. I’ve used West End for 120 prints a few years back (I will speak more about my Medium Format rig in a future post).

And no I don’t work for any of these people…just I’ve spent a lot of the week trudging around places and the internet so I may as well save you having to do same…most places processing of film either doesn’t exist anymore (have Boots stopped now?) or is hyper expensive so it’s good to support the shops and small trade places that are still supporting film and true photographers of analog and digital, rather than the short-sighted Jessops who has totally ditched all of it’s analog products (even storage!) apart from printing paper. Sad. And I don’t agree that there isn’t the demand…


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